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  • As a recent breast cancer survivor, my mind and body had been traumatized by the diagnosis, surgery, and treatment.  It was during radiation therapy when the toll of the experience began to weigh on me physically and a emotionally.  A friend suggested I make an appointment with Dione Gadler at Aetherosphere, a place where healing occurs through vibrational reiki, crystal, and intuitive modalities. Dione is a healer.  She is a calming presence who has been blessed with the gift of insight, compassion, and ability to locate and release physical and emotional trauma from the body.  I have had the good fortune of visiting Dione multiple times. Her studio in La Mesa is a private office decorated in a transcendental, neutral palette with the scent of essential oils in the air, meditative music softly playing, and a tranquil feel from the minute you enter.  You begin the session visiting with Dione in the seating area of her studio, then you move to her therapy table. You remain fully clothed during your session. She is a consummate professional.  I truly do not know what she does, but I continue to tell her how fascinated I am by her abilities.  I leave every session feeling amazed and exhausted. She said that is normal because of all the work we just did to release years of blocked energy.  There is also a “lightness” that follows the exhaustion that makes me believe negative energy has been purged.  It is definitely a work in progress, but if you are tired of feeling tired, in pain or under stress, and willing to begin your path to wellness, Aetherosphere is your answer.  Remember that you have the ability to heal yourself and Dione is there to help you tune into that part of your mind/body connection. Give yourself the gift of healing, and allow her to guide your journey today. 
    – Ellen
  • Your energy work has always left me feeling like a weight has been lifted off of me that I didn’t even realize I was carrying! I leave your sessions floating on a cloud, and it helps me gain so much clarity on lots of things going on in my world. Thank you, Dione!

    – Jerimiah
  • I recently had several sessions with Dione. I must say I didn’t know what to expect. The space was calming from the first time I set foot through the door. Dione was welcoming and had a warm demeanor.
    I enjoyed my session. I left feeling lite and had more clarity than when I came in.

    ~ John
  • Working with Dione is a very special experience. She is so gentle and sweet. I came to her because I was in a car accident and needed to clear the energy I knew my body was holding onto. I am also a recovering addict, so I knew I had internal work I needed to do to become a happier person. Dione helped me work through things I haven’t shared with anyone. She created a space for me to let go and relax.  It’s difficult for me to trust people, but by Dione being herself, she allowed me to be how I needed to feel without judgement or shame. She asks you questions and not only listens but repeats back to you exactly what you say in a way of her hearing it, but providing you the tools to understand it more.  She told me that since I was receiving the healing my family would also be able to reap the benefits of it and she was right. My relationship with both of my parents has gotten better. I feel like a more mature person, someone who understands life more, and I would recommend Dione to anyone who is searching for something but might not know exactly what it is ~someone who is looking for a way to heal. I cannot begin to thank her for what she has done for me and my soul.  Thank you, Dione ~ I am so thankful for the wok you do. 

    – Rachel
  • I really loved working with Dione for my first sound healing treatment. She explained so clearly how the tuning forks work on the energetic body as a form of healing. She is clearly highly educated and I feel very safe working with her because of her expertise.

    I scheduled an appointment with Dione due to PTSD symptoms I am experiencing as a result of my teenage son’s near deadly drug addiction that lasted 10 years, as well as the ending of a 27 year marriage that was abusive. Dione’s treatment blended vibrational healing but also an opportunity for me to share insights and listen to her insights that I found very helpful together. I could feel lots of shifts in my body as she worked with the forks. I found that fascinating and intriguing. Dione used empathetic listening and vibrational healing in a very powerful way.

    I am encouraged about our next sessions. The forks really added an essential somatic experience to my session that I feel I need and was missing in therapy.

    ~ Tara
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