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Session Info

What To Expect During A Treatment

After a brief consultation, we will determine any specific or general goals. You will lie comfortably and fully-clothed on a massage table, while I tune into your body via gentle reiki and/or tuning forks. Sessions tend to flow intuitively from there, with the goal of cultivating a space where you can easily receive and release whatever is needed for optimal wellness.  Clients typically report feeling lighter and more balanced after a session.

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Aftercare Instructions

Be gentle with yourself. Energetic healing works on the subtle layers and can be quite powerful. It’s not uncommon to notice continued shifts over the next few days. Sometimes these shifts are felt physically as the body releases, and some experience “ detox” effects such as headaches,  emotional sensitivity, irritability, sadness or anger, body aches, vivid dreams….My intention is that these releases are easy and gentle.  And, be aware that you may not experience any unusual or negative detox. Healing is still occurring.


Regardless, here are some helpful tips following an energy session:

  1. Ideally, bathe with Epsom salts or sea salt. If you aren’t a bath person, soaking your feet in water with Epsom salts or using a salt scrub in the shower can also be helpful.

  2. Energy moves easier in water, so hydration is important. Be aware of your water intake and try to drink an extra glass of water following your session.

  3. When difficult emotions or thoughts arise, try to see them objectively and breathe through it.

  4. Please contact me if you have any questions at all after a session.

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How Many Sessions Will I Need To See Results?

All healing is self-healing, and everyone processes differently. While some things resolve in an instant, other layers may take more time.  Nonetheless, clients find that a series of three sessions booked close together- about a week apart gives them a good idea of how these modalities work for them.