& Specials
~series of three sessions~
value $480
Ideally spaced one to two weeks apart, each session builds upon the last. This offering provides a good sense of how this modality works for you. Some clients feel complete after three sessions, while others choose to go deeper with another series.
Includes 3 one hour BT sessions.
Deep Dive
~series of 10 sessions~
value $1630

Are you seeking a deeper transformation to your overall well-being? Together, we will arrive at your personal intentions. Providing a nourishing and supportive space, along with a consistent commitment, allows you to recognize and release any stagnant energy that is impeding your flow.

This offering is ideal if you are on a healing journey (physical, emotional, spiritual), releasing trauma, going through a life transition, seeking expansive personal growth, recovering from any issue, have chronic pain, are a healing practioner, or are needing nourishment to your nervous system. As always, intuitively you will know if this offering calls to you.

Includes 9 one hour BT sessions, ideally spaced one to two weeks apart; plus one 90 minute Sonic Meridian Flush for integration.